Rayton Meander

Things to DO

Book now for the Rayton Willem Prinsloo Mampoerfees Train Trip on Saturday 6 June 2015 You sit back and completely relax as the city slips by, accompanied by the smells and sounds of the steam loco up-front.

Things to DO!!

1. Enjoy the beautiful scene- truly sight seeing in the country side is a delight. Fresh air, lots of trees, rivers, animals and the blue sky. What else is missing? Julie Andrews…LOL!

2. Take pictures- don’t forget to bring your camera to shoot some amazing photos. With your camera you’re in for a surprise.

3. Rest- grab the opportunity relax under the shade of a tree. Take a break for lunch; listen to music or to read your Bible or book.

4. Try picking fruits or flowers- just make sure no one owns it (except God).

5. Have a long walk and tag along a partner- time flies when you share your walk with someone. It could be your friends who joins your for the adventure or rural folks going your way.

5. Travel our gravel roads. See the most amazing birds. Stop at Farm Shops. Buy fresh produce.

Things to DO!!

Rayton Willem Prinsloo Mampoerfees Train Trip

Saturday 6 June 2015.

Take a trip back in time on our authentic, restored vintage steam train. We depart promptly at 8:30 am, from our private Hermanstad depot (with free safe parking) for a fabulous train ride along the route of the old "NZASM" Delagoa Bay line to Rayton.

The coach wheels beneath rap gently over the rail joints -- clack-clack, clack-clack. You cannot help but enjoy train travel in the relaxed way it used to be. You sip hot coffee or cool refreshments from the on-board kiosk and answer your children's many excited questions. We’ll transfer you to Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum to enjoy the famous Annual Mampoerfees.