Rayton Meander

Rayton Meander offers a number of venues which cater for mountain biking.

We offer you safe tailor-made mountain biking holidays, trips and tours through our Rayton Meander. Experience a breathtaking mix of spectacular scenery, farm roads, bushveld, rivers and hills.

Cycle through countryside farms and nature reserves with an abundance of activities.

Add to this, wonderful cuisine and wine.

An unforgettable experience!!

We offer you a safe and awesome cycling experience.

Safe enough for families or a group of female cyclists

Remember: You decide on how far or how hard you want to go!

….. bring your partner and kids. They can spend time in and around Rayton while you cycle…and won’t even miss you!

Swop your mountain bike for a horse ride. You’ll find several horse riding farms on our Rayton Meander.

Go on a cattle drive, overnight in a backpackers, on farms or at any of a number of great lodges.

Rayton is close to Johannesburg and Pretoria for a quick breakaway and safe rides.

Do not miss our special Rayton Meander Village Family Ride at the Annual Willem Prinsloo Mampoerfees on Saturday 1 June 2013.

Explore the 1880 and 1930 house museums and outbuildings, as well as two Ndebele homesteads from different eras. Indigenous farm animals include Nguni and Afrikaner cattle, Kolbroek pigs, speckled persian sheep and indigenous chickens like Ovambo, Koekoek, Venda and Naked Necks.

A farm ride not to be missed.

Rayton Meander Village at Willem Prinsloo Mampoerfees - Saturday 1 June 2013

The Village with an Image. Visit our Rayton Meander Village and meet venues with mountain bike facilities.