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Cullinan Conservancy

Joan-Louise du Toit

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The mission of the Cullinan Conservancy is to protect our natural and cultural heritage in the Cullinan area and to promote ecologically friendly environmental practices to ensure that our cultural and natural resources are protected and used in a sustainable manner.

Living in an ecologically friendly environment is the vision of the Cullinan conservancy. We endeavor to achieve our vision and mission by:

Protecting indigenous plants and animals

Eradicating invasive plants

Managing and controlling problematic animals

Promoting sustainable eco-tourism

Researching and protecting places of cultural, and historical interest.

The Cullinan conservancy is steeped in history, Battle of Donkerhoek (1900) was fought in the area, we have relics of the late stone age inhabitants in the area.

We have a very rich biodiversity with large numbers of birds, indigenous trees, wild flowers and natural fauna still roaming about.

This is the way we would like to keep “our gem”. While we do not make laws we ensure that the laws of the country are adhered to.