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November 2015

Rayton is a vibrant community near Pretoria. Today you find a wide variety of things to do, places to stay, wedding and conference venues, horse ranches, fishing spots, dairy farms plus crafts and arts in the region. In Rayton Town you’ll find a shopping centre, petrol stations, medical services, schools, churches and family homes.

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Gauteng, South Africa

“You’re willing to invest in the success of the whole when you see it’s in your


Communities at Work

“Community Tourism is responsible tourism, tourism that respects the environment, culture and the people. It highlights the importance of sustaining the environment and cultural assets that resonate within an environment” – Diana McIntyre-Pike – word leader in rural tourism.

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Experience Countrystyle Community Tourism - Ordinary People with Extra-ordinary spirit!!

Building Local Value Chains


Support local farmers

Support local crafts eg candle making, soaps, linen, tradesman

Support local catering staff, drivers, taxis, landscapers

Dedicate a corner in your business to market local creative arts, writers, poets, musicians

Organise story telling for your guests around a fire with local story tellers

Train spa treatment staff

Train every single employee on customer service

Have auctions with local school artists drawings or paintings

Support a chosen local NGO/NPO – tell your guests about them with a flyer in their rooms, book a visit to the centre

Have wedding entrance dance team for weddings

Have drumming healing sessions – use local

Stock homemade jams, sauces, with labelling and funky jars

Identify community bakers for sweet desserts

Support LOCAL businesses!

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This website is under development. This website will be upgraded and enhanced as soon as we have pictures and good text from all product owners, venues, artists, etc

Rayton (also known as Rayton Junction early in its settlement) is a town in North-Eastern Gauteng which started out as a tin shack mining town on the farm Elandshoek.

During its boom days the town served the needs of thousands of diggers and prospectors working for the Schiller, Montrose and Dunmore mining companies.

A mini diamond rush sparked by Sir Thomas Cullinan's discovery of a kimberlite diamond pipe (which has since been named Cullinan Diamond Mine) nearby is what caused the town to boom.

The original Rayton Junction was laid out along a spur of the main NZASM railway line, which was completed in 1895 to connect the Republic of Transvaal's capital, Pretoria to the port in Delagoa bay, Mozambique.

Officials in the Montrose Diamond Mining Company did the town planning and named the hamlet after Lady Rachel Ray Williston, wife of the company's first manager, Colonel Balliston.

The town's first—and at the time the only—brick building was the original magistrate’s office, which dates from this early time.

During the Second World War Italian prisoners of war were interned at Zonderwater just north of town, and massive military logistics and supply depots were established between Cullinan and Rayton.

After the war, the Stella Diamond Mining Company bought the land around the town and declared a peri-urban municipality with relatively cheap properties.

Rayton's proximity to Pretoria's expanding eastern suburbs allowed steady growth from the 1970s into the latter part of the 20th century.

Today, Rayton is a thriving town that serves the need of prison wardens at the nearby Zonderwater Prison, staff at the Cullinan diamond mine as well as the surrounding farming community, with the Willem Prinsloo agricultural museum celebrating the area's rich agricultural history on the farm Kleinfontein.

Many settled town residents have found employment in surrounding suburbs of Pretoria.

Notable people in Rayton

Jan Ellis: Springbok loose forward who played 38 tests for South Africa until 1976. Jan Ellis passed away recently. His family now operates the petrol station and Jan Ellis Auctions.

Bennie Labuschgane: 1992 Olympian, three-time African champion, Commonwealth Games medallist and named one of South Africa's six Wrestler's of the 20th Century, now Head Coach of University of Pretoria's wrestling club.

Kees Legemaat: resident dairy farmer and director of the northern region of the South African Milk Producers' Organisation.[2]

Lucas C Viljoen: pedagoque, pioneer of South Africa's parallel medium school system and mentor of black principals in rural areas.

Alwyn Viljoen: print and radio journalist specialising in transport.

Rayton Town

Rayton Shopping Centre - Pick A Pay, ABSA, Post Office, Optometrists, Chemist, Hi Q Tyres,  Nice Pub, ….

Churches - NG, Jehova, AGS, Hervormd

Schools - Rayton Laerskool

Medical - Medicross Rayton

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This is a draft website only. This website will be upgraded and enhanced as soon as we have pictures and good text from all product owners, service providers, venues, artists, etc


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Oorkoepelende Brandbestrydingsorganisasie

 Fire / Veld Fires / Fire Brigade
Herman van Zyl, brandoffisier: 082-421-8043; Henk Brits, ondersteuning: 083-299-7215; Sonja Cilliers, voorsitter: 083-260-5068; Lassidy Roets, opleiding: 082-826-9280; en Pieter Du Toit, ondervoorsitter: 072-060-8612.
Wyk 2: Yzervarkfontein: Marius Barnard, 071-677-2529 en Japie Visagie, 083-611-8404.
Wyk 3: Boschkop: Hanré van der Merwe, 083-248-5595 en Ian Wallace, 083-290-6044.
Wyk 31: Kleinsonderhout: Cobus Pretorius, 082-436-3030.
Wyk 4: Witpoort: Chris Nel, 083-704-4106.
Wyk 41: Onbekend: Ben Dreyer, 084-207-7339.
Wyk 5: Knoppiesfontein, Rietfontein en Elandsvlei: Frikkie Jacobs, 083-453-0490.
Wyk 6: Bashewa en Tierpoort: Piet van der Merwe, 083-302-0565.
Wyk 61: Bashewa, Tierpoort en Rietfontein: Frank Da Serra, 083-453-0490.
Wyk 62: Klipkop: Gerbrand Bruin, 011-964-1591.
Wyk 8: Vaalbank en Valtaki: Walter Schillingen, 076-855-4112.
Wyk 9: Mooiplaats, Zwavelpoort en Boschkop: Nic Woodrow, 082-924-4259.